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Our services

Landscape gardening | Garten maintenance | Garden design

Perhaps you have a house with a garden, terrace or seating area, and you would like to put
a garden concept in place for your long term pleasure and convenience? Or
maybe you need some help to give an unfinished job a happy ending?

We would be pleased to stand at your side to give help and support. Our clients are very satisfied with our services and we would be happy to provide you with references, at your request. 

The process involved in garden design

1st Step: Getting to know you 

We listen while you tell us what you want and what you need.

2nd Step: Basic planning

We draw up a draft design by hand. We discuss this draft together, allowing you to see your dream garden coming to life, step by step.

3rd Step: Designing the planting scheme

In this step, we discuss the choice of plants and establish your quantities.

4th Step: The waste water concept and much more

All the technical details are defined in the interface between design and execution. The project plan decides on the lighting and electrical designs,  the choice of materials for walls and claddings, the waste water concept and much more.

5th Step: Execution

The construction phase begins once you confirm your agreement and we have been granted permission by the authorities. We place our experience at your disposal to provide you with support and we manage the planning permission procedure on your behalf.

6th Step: Furnishings and fittings

We complete the design phase with suggestions for furnishings and fittings.