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About us

Landscape gardening with skill and passion. Proprietor: D. Santangelo

I first became fascinated by the gardening business while I was still a child. My parents were very interested in gardens. They had a beautiful garden of their own and they encouraged me to work there. Not only did they motivate me to plant things, they also gave me the confidence to be creative. 

For me, inspiration comes from the architecture of the house or surrounding buildings. My travels are also a wonderful source of inspiration; I learn so much from the different locations. 

If you work with clients, you need to know them really well. I encourage my employees to find out how clients will be using their garden, because working well with clients is important to us. I make sure that our employees produce good work, and that they are open and honest towards clients, so that we can achieve a genuinely superb result.

Director: M. Richards

"I love nature, and this is one of the reasons why I became a gardener. When I work in the garden, I can sense nature, giving my ideas free rein to breathe life into the Client's wishes. Gardens are as varied as the people who inhabit them, which is why we design our gardens in such a way that our clients will rediscover their true selves when they are there". 

Our teams: skilled and dedicated

Our teams are made up of accomplished gardeners who have over ten years of experience in this area of work and are used to working with the discerning client base in the region around Lake Zurich
and Zug. We have teams who can cover every aspect of landscape gardening, from design to maintenance. They will be happy to undertake any unusual, specific and special task.

All of our employees have the appropriate attitude and experience, as well as the necessary passion,  to fulfil all our clients' wishes.


We are proud to be given the opportunity to support small yet
stylish projects and associations.